Turn Outs

Pasture Space

L&L Ranch offers 4 spacious pastures to allow horses to run without 'picking on each other' or adopting the 'pack mentality'. Horses are cycled through pastures and have an outdoor paddock to use during wet weather.

Horse Boarding

Horse boarding is offered for Cowhorses who desire a place to practice and a group to compete with on the traveling RSTPA and USTPA circuits.

Full Care

Full care horse boarding includes premium feed, premium shavings, rich alf-alfa mix hay, morning and evening feedings, stall cleaning service as well as turn outs. Barn staff on premises full time daily. 

Partial Care

Partial care horse boarding includes morning and evening feeding as well as turn outs. Boarder is responsible for hay, grain and stall cleaning.

Customized Pricing

Customized pricing is available for the more budget conscious. Basic board is $175/mo and includes morning and evening feeding as well as daily turnouts. If you would like a little bit more without the full board price you can add on the following:

  • Stall cleaning $35/mo.
  • Shavings $40/mo
  • Feed $35/mo
  • Hay $60/mo


  • small turnout ratios when in pastures
  • All electric fencing and an additional perimeter fence around entire ranch
  • Heated viewing room
  • Heated wash rack
  • Heated water in the winter time
  • Indoor arena, 2 outdoor arenas, 1 outdoor paddock